gnarly old trees

February 13, 2012

I pass a lot of them every day. They are on the Downs. They are just by the roadside. They sit in meadows and on top of hills. They surround cows and sheep, and sometimes deer. Some of them carry fruit. Others leaves. Some others, again, carry only themselves. They heave their branches just above your head. They show signs of very old age. A life like theirs is a life of gratitude, love, serenity and freedom to grow.

One day, I would like to be one of these old trees. A small one, with lots of gnarly branches, weathered and with many circles of tree life in a strong trunk. My roots will have reached out to yours for a long time. They will have found yours, slightly younger roots but with as many gnarly branches and slightly lighter leaves in the late summer. Our roots will have embraced each other, they will be lying next to, on top of and underneath each other. They will have created some more gnarly bits with each other, and their bark will be the space for many birds to nest in.

We will be like I once read about an ancient forest somewhere in North America. The roots of the trees are so entwined with each other that they have created one of the largest living organisms on this planet. They nurture, give space to and allow any living creature to rest in its shade, to drink from the raindrop leaf cups, and to gather wood for small fires.

Until then, there is much life to be had and much growth to be enjoyed together. And always, the beginning and purpose of everything is to love and to be loved. Du hast mein Herz. Ich habe dein Herz.



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