origami cuttings

October 3, 2011

sometimes i wish i could grow an origami tree. take a beautiful sheet of paper and, by way of folding it over and over yet, turn it into whatever i would like to grow in our gardens. if i was in a greenhouse, folding paper along tight creases at ideal temperatures and light conditions, i might find myself measuring the humidity and the probabilities of snow over the coming days.

for paper bends and twists, crinkles and waves as it meets different weather conditions.

i might want to preserve my piece of paper, always having the tree in mind that i aim to grow. it must have leaves of a certain shape, the trunk should be sturdy enough to hold up the crown and the many fruit that this tree ought to grow. all the time, i am trying to leave the paper on a piece of natural driftwood we found on the beach. leave it to let it be snowed on or catch lots and lots of rays of sun and see what creases it might develop on its own. this sheet of paper has the power to fold itself, to become something that i cannot conceive of, neither now nor here. for i cannot look outside myself and all the measurements I deem necessary to grow this imagined tree.  i must remind myself of the powers of an origami tree.

and of the powers of origami cuttings. i would like to take cuttings of your tree, of the many beautiful flowerbuds and new stalks, of the roots grown in soil from up north and from way east, so we can grow a whole forest together. a forest that lives with humidity as well as snow. a forest that grows all by itself.

with a little yacht


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