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those glasses

July 5, 2011

Seeing the world for what it is can be a challenging task. First of all, what is it? I pondered on many ideas of what it is to me, what it is in general, what it is in reality. Neither of those are a true mirror of “what it is”. So I have taken to putting on glasses that let me see the world as I would like to see it. As a miracle. As something eternally good. As something that remains mysterious and surprising, even though humankind is doing its best to try and find ways to explain itself and how it came about in this world. It is the mystery, that which will always remain unnegotiable, undescribable, unfound which these glasses make me – not see but feel.

Wearing these glasses has always seemed as something I eventually wouldn’t be able to sustain. For there is no defence when I see the world in such ways. I need to come to it unsuspecting, blinking and soft like a newborn. Yet, there are very few newborns amongst the adult world. Whether in business or amongst social circles, we tend to build barriers, hold grudges, fight, employ tactics and think and speak and act after our own benefit. We educate ourselves as we have been educated. We must then take off our newborn glasses to step out into the “real” world.

I was told what it looks like. I may have experienced what other people see. And I am quietly fighting to keep my glasses. Be without. I know now why it has been worth it.

It is these glasses that I recognise you with.