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Thoughts flowing in space

June 1, 2008

This post might be yet another lyrical endeavour; however, as I have been pondering about it, this post shall become part of what I aim to think of today.

We already have one – or more of them. Aristea is writing about it in her thesis, Sam, her and I have one on top of this one, I even have several linked up somewhere in this worldwide community of text, sound, vision, sensuality and memory. It’s a blog.

If one thinks of the world wide web as a seemingly indefinite entanglement of words created over years and years by people (and possibly machines and systems) sitting in front of their computers, one can barely imagine the vast inheritance all of those people have left to those that are browsing the net day in day out.

As I am writing today, I am, again, contributing to the vast universe of words to be left in this virtual space. And yet, this post is still alive with all of the contributions on this specific blog. But – for how long? And what happens to it once we’ve left this space? Once there is nothing more but our thoughts and passions about each of our topics? Will it become like a treasured diary, once written in teenage years, put up in the attic when we moved out of home and to be rediscovered years after? We will sit in this virtual attic, smiling, wondering and grateful for our common memories. And yet – it is no diary. It is not stored somewhere only for the writers to read in. People will stumble upon this blog, hopefully while it is still alive (and yes, I am referring to this blog as something living…).

I have started thinking about it when recovering one of my older blogs earlier last month – thoughts, fears, a lot of excitement, memories are hinged together in singular posts that have been left untouched in over a year. I am fearful to delete it, as it has been part of me once. And yet, I cannot continue writing in it. I have left that place a long while ago. It is like a monument, telling me of old times, who I used to be and what I used to think some time ago. I cannot close it, I cannot store it away somewhere – it will never gather dust, it will forever be here, in this virtual, sensual space, joining all of the other more or less intimate blogs that have been written and abandoned at some point.

What will happen to them, I ask? What will happen to mine? Is this the heritage we will pass on to the next generations? Or will they be lost at some point, as a stone falling into a very deep lake, disappearing quickly and not to be found again lest someone remembers the web link to this so personal and yet so public space.