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Real Spivirtuality

January 25, 2008

Many have pondered upon the origin of spirituality and why there is such a thing which is not in this and also not from this world. This thing is often – if not generally and only at certain spiritual places – referred to as a

He (with capital H) and approached as

Thou, Thy, Thee (with a capital T)

So how does the capital letter link up with spirituality? I could claim to have read that it has a history, coming from the “olde English” where people to be respected have been written about with capital letters preceding and following them. But does a capital letter have any force at all? if i continued writing like this would it really matter? i have to say that if i continued writing on in german, dann würde es vieles vereinfachen aber auch viele verwundern. Ein Hauptwort, a noun, has to start off with a capital letter, normally. Hauptwort literally means “head word”, hence this is an enlightened person’s most precious body part and therefore supposedly must be connected with its claim for a capital letter. In fact, if we take apart the capital and seek its origin, which I may claim to derive from or be connected with the latin word “caput”, it also means head.

Is there an assumption lurking anywhere that by using capital letters for this extraterrestrial being we reconnect the caput, our head and what we imagine in it with this being? I couldn’t think of a better explanation from the top of my head, so be It.


Primo Canto

January 24, 2008

Molto è licito là, che qui non lece
a le nostre virtù, mercé del loco
fatto per proprio de l’umana spece.



There much is lawful which is here unlawful

Unto our powers, by virtue of the place

Made for the human species as its own.